Barents Sea

Project type3D gScan survey, Hydrocarbons
LocationBarents Sea
Scale of Map
Acquisition mode
Landsat 8, Sentinel 2, Sentinel 1 
Exploration Area
3,669,000 sqkm 
Scan Depth
10,000 m 
Depth Steps
21.50 m 
Data Pointsmillions
Support Data
Bathymetric Map, Public Well data, Public Seismic lines
  • proprietary
  • data available soon

TerraScan acquired a large acreage offshore gScan data in the Barent Sea, the area extents to more than 3.5 Million square kilometers and the distribution of tens of thousands of hydrocarbon indicators (oil and gas) has been computed and a subsurface earth model has been created. The objective of this survey was to identify possible hydrocarbon accumulations within this territory. The analysis of the area resulted in a mapping of known and unknown fields inside the area.  The acquisition and processing was executed using our gScan processing technology using image, signal processing, lineament and geodynamic analysis.