Project type3D gScan survey, Minerals
LocationMondulkiri Region
Scale of Map
Acquisition mode
Landsat 8, Sentinel 2, Sentinel 1, SPOT 6 
EnvironmentOnshore Mineral Search
Exploration Area
400 sqkm
Scan Depth
500 m 
Depth Steps
3 m 
Data Points900,000
Support Data
Regional Geological Maps 
  • proprietary
  • data available

TerraScan acquired 400 square kilometers onshore gScan data in the Mondulkiri Dirstrict of Cambodia, using our proprietary remote sensing gScan algorithm. The distribution of 500 mineral indicators has been computed and a subsurface earth model has been created.
The objective of this survey was to verify the existence of possibly gold bearing structures in the area. The results have been cross validated by local sampling of the soil and an average gold grade of above 5g/t could be measured.
The acquisition and processing was executed using our gScan processing technology using image, signal processing, lineament and geodynamic analysis.