Project type3D gScan survey, Hydrocarbons
Scale of Map
Acquisition mode
Landsat 8
Exploration Area
90 km
Scan Depth
7,000 m
Depth Steps
10.50 m
Data Points1,400,000
Support Data
  • proprietary
  • data available

TerraScan acquired a 90 kilometers offshore gScan cross section in the Bight of Biafra, using our proprietary remote sensing algorithm. The distribution of 450 hydrocarbon indicators has been computed and a subsurface earth model has been created.
The objective of this survey was to identify possible hydrocarbon accumulations and to provide a new set of cross-sections to define the limits of the petroleum system of this block.
The acquisition and processing was executed using our gScan processing technology using image, signal processing, lineament and geodynamic analysis.