Jörg Enge

an engineer by training, studied information technology and graduated from Technical University Ilmenau, Germany in 1982. He started his career in the area of image & signal processing and control systems design. After joining Deutsche Telekom in 1994, Jörg worked on distributed computer system for the healthcare industry and was sent to the Silicon Valley to help start the Venture Capital activities of Deutsche Telekom in the US. He became a Managing Director and oversaw a number of successful investments for T-Venture. Back in Germany he joined the VC firm First Ventury AG as Managing Partner. Jörg spent 7 years in Russia as an Entrepreneur in the oil industry.

Oliver Haeggberg

is an expert in business development and finance. He worked at Treuhandanstalt, Thyssen Handelsunion, Arthur Andersen and Grant Thornton. Oliver set up the Venture Capital activities of Deutsche Telekom in the USA and Israel and held partner positions in VC funds. Oliver runs for many years business development services for Start-up companies and led spin-out programs on behalf of Corporate Customers. Oliver graduated from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Ivan Parsharkov

holds a BS degree in Geology from the Perm State University and a MSc in Geology from the University in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Ivan leads the remote sensing efforts of the team and has profound experience in the oil and gas exploration as well as in mineral exploration business. As Chief geologist for SpezKrit, Ural Oil Corporation and VisheraNeft in Perm, Russia he gained tremendous inside into the Russian oil industry. He is a co-founder and the data interpretation specialist of TerraScan and was involved in the process development of the gScan technology for the last 7 years.



Bernd Muetzelburg is a former German diplomat. He served i.a. as Deputy Head of German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher´s Private Office during German unification. After his assignment as Director General for Global Issues and UN matters from 2000 to 2002, he became Foreign and Security Policy Adviser (National Security Adviser) to German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder from 2002 to 2005. He served as ambassador and head of mission in Kenya, in Estonia and in India. In his last assignment he was Germany´s Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan. After retirement from Public Service, Bernd Mützelburg became Managing Partner of “Ambassadors Associates-International Networking GmbH”, a consultancy focusing on Indo-German economic relations. He is also Senior Partner of “Strategy&Politics Management Consulting GmbH and Co. KG” as well as Senior Consultant to TerraScan GmbH, Berlin.


Klaus Rettig holds an Aerospace Engineering degree at the University of Munich. He is a specialist in advanced System-Engineering and Avionics. As a lead engineer he’s involved in all major civil and military a/c programs of its time with increasing focus on military aviation. He conducted training in the UK and the US to become a test crew member for the development flight trials of the Tornado a/c project. After his flying career he joined the international DASA M&S team, being responsible for a range of international campaigns on a global scale.
Secondment to the Daimler H.O. as deputy head for Governmental affairs international CEO for BAe Systems Germany, followed by a CEO role for Thales Germany; responsible for 5000 staff. Currently he’s consulting a range of companies in the security industry on national and international B.D.&S. issues.


Nils Trulsvik is a petroleum explorationist with extensive experience throughout the world. He has worked in the oil and gas business since 1974 with assignments in the North Sea, Mediterranean, Africa, South and North America. As a consultant to UNCTC in New York, Nils worked extensively in West Africa. He lead an investment group that took an equity position in a US listed public oil & gas company. Nils has served as Managing Director to Fountain Oil, until he left Fountain in 1998, to form The Bridge Group. In 1999, he joined Force Petroleum in London and was CEO until 2004, when he joined Interoil in Norway as CEO. He is one of the founders of MCG, a multi client firm, which recently went public in Norway. He also serves as a director of Starc Petroleum. Nils leads our effort to establish a gScan based multi client product offering within TerraScan GmbH.

Regional Representatives


Ongun Yoldemir is an outstanding oil & gas expert, holding a master degree in geological engineering. He started his career with the Turkish National Oil company and Norsk Hydro and quickly move on to become involved in large exploration projects of oil-fields in Siberia, New Zealand, Azerbaijan and Georgia. In 2003 he founded Merty Energy in Ankara, Turkey as a seismic service firm and turned it into one of the largest private E&P firms in Turkey. Ongun gained tremendous geological expertise in exploration and evaluation while he was negotiating and implementing deals with Zorlu Petrogas, Petoil and Genel Energy in Northern Iraq. He is author of many geological publications in the field of petroleum geology and exploration and is often invited as a speaker to industry events mainly in the Middle East and Southern Europe. Ongun oversees our sales efforts in the middle east and south-east Europe.


Stephen Doyle is managing director at Multi-Client Resources (Australia) Pty Ltd. He is a geophysicist with more than 30 years’ experience in the upstream oil and gas industry where he has held several senior executive positions for which he was responsible for the development and management of new business strategy, optimization of value creation and business growth across a variety of product lines. His extensive experience has seen him working globally with PGS and Polarcus DMCC. In addition, he held senior executive roles with oil and gas operating companies – Arcadia Petroleum, Cathay Petroleum and Enovation Resources. He was a co-founder and non-executive director of Multi-Client Geophysical ASA which was successfully listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2013. His commitment to the industry saw him serve as President of SEAPEX from 2009 to 2012. More recently Stephen founded MCR – a dynamic new multi-client company that specializes in the development, management, promotion and delivery of high quality non-exclusive geophysical data products and services to the oil and gas industry. Stephen oversees our sales efforts in Australia and Oceania.


Patric Staudt is an expert in European/African business development. He has an background in electronics and in ballistic developments. He specialises in the high-end technology field and the governmental sector. His main focus is the strategic planning and implementation of business setups taking the very specific african requirements into consideration. Patric is representing major european companies in the security and defence sector and is also the project manager for a variety of Technology Transfer Projects between european companies and south african private and governmental owned companies. Patric oversees our sales efforts in Southern Africa.